15 Avenue des Américains - Golfe de Saint-Tropez, 83820, Le Rayol-Canadel sur Mer, France

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15 Avenue des Américains
Golfe de Saint
83820 Le Rayol-Canadel sur Mer

Mediterranean cuisine is under the spotlight at Le Bailli de Suffren.****

We’re all attentive to the foods we find on our plates because we attach particular importance to the nutritional value of what we eat. And this has been a preoccupation at Le Bailli de Suffren on a daily basis for many years. Demichelis, our chef, strives to prepare high-quality dishes so you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine with pissaladière as one of the specialties.

The many producers scattered around the Var help to provide the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Just a few miles inland from the coast, you’ll find yourself surrounded by row upon row of beautiful vines. The wine here is very typical of the region, especially the much-appreciated rosé. It’s difficult to single out one vineyard in particular because all the wines are produced with passion and know-how, but the various restaurants will give you good advice.

The olive oil of Provence is also iconic: it’s an AOP (protected designation of origin) product that has been used in cooking since antiquity. It gives the original touch and typical taste to the region’s Mediterranean cuisine.

Honey, whose benefits are now recognised the world over, also plays a key role: the wide range of aromatic plants, together with the richness of the pollen, means it’s a high-quality food with a strong personality.

As for truffles, they’re known as “black pearls”. Found especially in the Haut Var, they have a prominent place in the local gastronomy, and have been tickling our tastebuds for a very long time – Francis I of France was paying homage to them as long ago as the 16th century!

Last but not least, figs are grown in and around the Mediterranean and are one of the terroir’s products. They can be used in many dishes that feature Mediterranean cuisine and are very popular in the local gastronomy. You can eat them just as they are or in jam, when they explode in the mouth. They’re treated like a queen, too, with their own special celebration on the last weekend of August in Solliès-Pont.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. You can discover all the local produce throughout the year in the many markets dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine.

Does all this make your mouth water? Don’t wait a moment longer before discovering all our special offers!

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