15 Avenue des Américains - Golfe de Saint-Tropez, 83820, Le Rayol-Canadel sur Mer, France

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15 Avenue des Américains
Golfe de Saint
83820 Le Rayol-Canadel sur Mer

Take a walk through the heart of Port-Cros National Park

Set out to explore Port-Cros National Park


Port-Cros National Park, created in 1963, is Europe’s oldest marine park.


Port-Cros National Park: an unspoilt natural environment


Port-Cros National Park is a marvellous natural site waiting for you on your Mediterranean getaway to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The park, which covers 1,700 land hectares and 2,900 at sea, is part of the Îles d’Or coastal archipelago, and is located just opposite the Bailli de Suffren, under an hour from the coast. It’s perfectly possible to see the park from the hotel when the weather is fine. Port-Cros has an impressive historical heritage, too, including Roman remains, around 30 shipwrecks and some 20 military forts.

Port-Cros National Park is known for its protected spaces: the islets of Bagaud and Gabinière, both of which are wilderness areas. But it’s that and so much more…!

Thanks to an agreement with Italy and the Principality of Monaco, France plays an important role in Port-Cros National Park. It is responsible for the activities in the park and managing the land, as well as implementing actions to safeguard and protect marine mammals: the Pelagos Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals.

You’ll be amazed by the variety of bird and fish species you can see here, which are in their hundreds, not to mention almost 500 species of algae.

At Le Bailli de Suffren, since 2020 you have the opportunity to set out to explore the Mediterranean and the gorgeous seabed in Port-Cros National Park. In conjunction with our partner, the Aventure Bleue diving club, this is now accessible to everyone. We run diving outings for beginners and first-timers at and close to Le Bailli de Suffren**** together with custom-built packages for hotel guests.


Enjoy an excursion to the Îles d’Or on the shuttle


Vedettes Îles d’Or shuttles and Le Corsaire, partners of Le Bailli de Suffren, run boat excursions to the islands of Port-Cros, Porquerolles and Levant.

Our hotel on the Mediterranean will organise this unforgettable expedition across the magnificent seascape for you. Set off to explore natural sites populated by captivating species that have made this part of the coast their home.


Port-Cros National Park and its iconic trails


Port-Cros National Park is criss-crossed by a network of untamed paths that is a delight to nature lovers. Hikers are surprised by the fauna and flora at every turn as they meander along the trails. The sea is dressed in a magical array of colours from the superb Route des Crêtes around the rocky inlets, strung out as though on a treasure map. On the rocks below, the yelkouan shearwater, the siren bird, is the only creature to reply to the song of the waves. Let yourself be swept along by the splendour of this panorama, which is unique in France.


Explore the seabed and crystal clear water of Port-Cros


Snorkelling is one of the things to do in the Var you’ll find the most rewarding. The Palud underwater trail, which is signposted with buoys, has some wonderful surprises in store for you. This 40-minute snorkelling trip is a great opportunity to discover the underwater Mediterranean fauna and flora in a protected site. As you snorkel, you’ll spot the six buoys equipped with underwater information boards that will show you how to recognise the local residents.

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